These images above were created by writer-artist Diane Miller. They are in conversation with the poem “The Old Monk’s Death,” which you can find here.

Artist K. Ryan Gregory is a Portland, Oregon based photographer, and digital artist. His lenses capture the landscapes of Oregon and international travel adventures. The “The Color In Pain” series explores the human desire to find beauty in life’s struggles and barriers.
This series consists of original digital photographs that have been merged and intensified in various editing programs. Portfolio: Instagram: KRG124 and Facebook:
This photograph was taken a few years back.  It is a subtle color photo that feels like isolation. There is a person walking off the frame in the lower right corner; I am reminded of “sheltering-in-place.”  It is called “Walking Toward Eternity.” My husband thought of the title from a James Joyce novel either Ulysses or Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man; I cannot remember.  You can discover more of my work at
“I would rather be in the wild nature though, not restricted by manicured Jasmin fences and immaculately cut lawns. Somewhere in a meadow, rich with wildflowers on a fresh morning, when the sun is still gentle with its kisses that are pleasantly warm. I want to walk through the unruly grasses, moist from condensation and tears of joy of many lovers, who have ever felt connected to another: a soulmate, a friend, a moment of creative flow. That pure bliss pouring into the gaps, created by the loss of ourselves in the moment, lived fully and carefree.” Art and statement by Anna Meylakh. You can see more of her work at  and @raspberrylining.

Title: Beginnings
Medium: oil on panel
Size: 8″ x 10″
Laurie Mansur is an artist and small business owner living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She draws inspiration from her family, the natural world and from the experiences of giving birth to a new life at the age of 58. You can see more of her artwork: