Meditations on Beginnings, a Prose Poem

Lower the body into the mighty plank, hold it there for a few seconds, turn your elbows inwards, let your body gradually sink to the floor, knees first, then the belly, then the arms, elbows pressed against the ribs, forehead against the floor, inhale, lift the chest, resting on your forearms, cobra, 3 breaths; peal the body slowly off the floor . . . Continue reading Meditations on Beginnings, a Prose Poem

The Gift

The smoke from her morning fire brought the kayakers up from their tents. Lively, but respectful they filled the cabin and roused themselves with coffee and hotcakes and fruit. The table had been pulled into the center of the cabin. They were a sight, their outer clothing smudged and duct taped, their skin weather-tanned, their faces exuberant. Continue reading The Gift

Meadow of Hope

I would rather be in the wild nature though, not restricted by manicured Jasmin fences and immaculately cut lawns. Somewhere in a meadow, rich with wildflowers on a fresh morning, when the sun is still gentle with its kisses that are pleasantly warm. I want to walk through the unruly grasses, moist from condensation and tears of joy of many lovers, who have ever felt connected to another: a soulmate, a friend, a moment of creative flow. Continue reading Meadow of Hope

Beginning Again with Kaiona

Kaiona, the Hawaiian goddess of the lost, just entered my life again after nearly 12 years.  I was first introduced to her fifteen years ago when I heard Keali’i Reichel singing the song on the radio.  It was the music that grabbed me first – gentle and soothing.   It’s written and composed in Hawaiian by Puakea Nogelmeier.   I don’t speak Hawaiian so it’s like an … Continue reading Beginning Again with Kaiona