Dedicated To The End

I’m not certain what I’d like to begin this year, but I do know what I want to end.
And if I start at the end, it should lead to a beginning.

I want to see an end to hate and anger, injustice and children’s suffering.
I want the pain and rage to magically dissolve, disappear, not exist in the first place.

I want to begin anew; to shine and polish my own inner light.
So it can glow brighter in all the dark places.
To heal and help, to uphold and fix the unendurable we’ve witnessed during the last four years.

Even more, to lighten up the dark and lonely places in other people’s souls,
which, in turn, would start new beginnings for them.

I could become kindling for another’s fire.
Share my spark and watch that one tiny flicker ignite
from one heart to another and another
until there’s a human bonfire blazing out of the gloom.

And the healing will spread, and the love will spread.
And there will be a new contagion,
the new pandemic of good.

© 2021 Patti Sherman All Rights Reserved


Meditation and writing have been the main focus of Patti’s adult life.  Her initial love of writing came from the urge to communicate with herself and listen within. But she also wrote professionally during a 35-year career as a writer/producer in broadcast TV and production. During that time, she continued to journal, write children’s stories and poetry.

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