To begin is to change, to put away the things that no longer serve and to step into the unknown, unfamiliar.  My intention for this year is to open, to opportunities and people, especially people.  There has been too much confinement in my life.  I’ve limited who I see, where I go, and as much as possible what I feel, trying to modulate my emotions and expectations.  Survival mindset has been my default, the yardstick upon which I’ve measured everything; is it dangerous?

            But this year, right now, I will step out into the sun and feel the chill wind on my face.  I will smile at the stranger, even under my mask, because the smile shines from the eyes.  I will say yes to what is and what is becoming.  I will feel each moment and let whatever emotion is emerging be.  I will be aware and present.  The door is open and I am walking though it, through trepidation, through fear, knowing that whatever arises will be with me as I start.  The loves will dance with me and the heartbreak will weep with me and I am not alone.

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Eric and his wife Kari own Leap Coffee Roasters in Oklahoma City. Visit them here, at  Eric writes when he can and is also fortunate to act in movies occasionally when they film in Oklahoma.  He can be seen in a small role in the film Minari which will be released by A24 next month.

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