gray metal candle lantern on boat dock

Alone in a boat on the ocean at night

Nostalgic for times of youth, 
Seasons of strength and naive ambition.  
The falling light is melancholy
In its yellow umber.  
And I ask the universe: what is for me now?  
Where do we go from here?  
And I’m met with crystalline silence, 
Silence pristine and brittle.  
I think it might be up to me.  
What a dreadful idea.  
Alone in a boat on the ocean at night, 
Nothing but mute stars in an inky sky.  
Is this all there is?  
Can I be content if the answer is yes?

© 2021 Eric Starkey, All Rights Reserved


Eric and his wife Kari own Leap Coffee Roasters in Oklahoma City. Visit them here, at  Eric writes when he can and is also fortunate to act in movies occasionally when they film in Oklahoma.  He can be seen in a small role in the film Minari which will be released by A24 next month.

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